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You Answered! OUTLOUD’s Music Survey

    Music has always shaped lifestyles of the people. Our appearance, emotions, current affairs, all of which are influenced!

Consider any decade. The seventies: a disco explosion drove everyone to wear bell-bottom pants and to watch Good Times (before they were reruns, whoo!) The eighties: punk rock and heavy metal, mohawks and looooooong hair, great times. The nineties (here’s a weird one): things began with grunge music, flannel shirts, and the common phrase, “umm, I THINK I’m in college…” Yet somehow, the 90’s ended with boy bands, teen pop sensations, and the common phrase “Bring me up, Carson!” by screaming crowds on MTV’s Total Request Live.

This only proves how powerful music is, and genres change with every decade. But something has caught out attention at OUTLOUD. This new decade is missing a music style, which entertains all and inspires all. There is no group or person who everyone loves: no Elvis, no John Lennon, and no Frank Sinatra. This decade is strange for the music world, and here at OUTLOUD, we couldn’t be happier!

The new century seems to be expanding everyone’s musical taste. Suddenly, you can catch your Beethoven-obsessed buddy listening to Metallica songs. Or you hear your Mom saying, “word up” after staying up all night downloading Wyclef Jean tunes off Napster. Interesting stuff is going down! People are following their own tastes, and trends are fading out. Even on MTV and VH1, it’s impossible to begin a new following. There’s too much sound out there!

People are following their own tastes, and trends are fading out.

At OUTLOUD, we believe what YOU enjoy is what rules. So recently, we decided to put the question to you. Several hundred people were surveyed about their preferences. We wanted it all, which songs inspire you, which songs influence your taste in music, which songs THRILL you with each listen… everything! We were bombarded with E-Mails, and we had great feedback off the streets. Results were widespread: so many types of music, songs we had never heard, and countless reasons why “This one RULES!!”

And now, we want you to boogie. We wanted to create our very first OUTLOUD CD List (our attorney would not allow us to burn). We squeezed all the songs we could into this baby, and they all came from you guys. The old and the new. The familiar and the “what’s this? I dig it…” The CD List is a true mix. While the future of music is always uncertain, we want to start with today, with the songs loved by our generation.

As everyone knows, not every great song could make the list and after hours of hard work and thinking, here is the final list:

1. Billy Joel We Didn’t Start the Fire Not only was this voted one of the most popular songs by both the OUTLOUDERS and the students polled, it also represents 40 years of world history.

2. Beatles Yesterday – Several Beatles songs were submitted. However, “Yesterday” edged out “Hey Jude” for #1

3. Righteous Brothers You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling – Ten years ago, no one remembered them. Now, it’s the most popular sing along oldie.

4. Marvin Gaye I Heard it Through the Grapevine – Motown was the golden age of music for many years and this is the ultimate “Motown” song.

5. John Lennon Imagine – Just because we only had one Beatles song doesn’t mean we excluded solo Beatles, a no-brainer for every one.

6. Don Mclean American Pie – Great historical influential song that surprisingly received a lot of votes, also signified the end of the “oldies” period.

7. Queen Bohemian Rhapsody – In 6 minutes, this song jumped at least 3 or 4 music genres and has been a favorite of many for a long time.

8. Lynard Skynard Free Bird – Another no-brainer,it might have been the voted #1 influential song.

9. Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit – More than just grunge, it quickly erased good times 80’s pop with hard edge dark 90’s lyric.

10. Sir Mix a Lot Baby Got Back-Gotta have a rap song and this was one of the first major ones.

11. Radiohead Creep – The most unique and creative band’s most well- known and influential song.

12. U2 Beautiful Day – One of the favorites for “current” song, also one of the most unique bands out there.

13. Dido Thank You – Surprisingly, the favorite choice for “current” song

14. Eric Clapton Tears In Heaven – A beautiful written ballad that goes through all the emotions.

15. Third Eye Blind How’s It Gonna Be – Maybe not as popular as “Semi-Charmed Life” but a song that asks the pivotal question, “How’s it gonna be?”

16. Green Day Time of Your Life – The perfect ending song.


 By: Jeremy Marks-Peltz, Hilary Price and Mike Evans


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