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Get Your Way

By: Cristina Jaramillo

Get it your way is not just for burgers anymore. In fact, you’re just a click away from getting your hands on anything from customized shoes, to fitted jeans. The Internet and new manufacturing technologies have made this possible and both retailers and consumers are taking full advantage of it. Here are just of few of the products available:


CandleLight Creations lets you create the ultimate candle: that impossible to find color with your favorite scent. They have an impressive array of options, including 126 color possibilities, multiple layers, shapes and finishes. is a definite favorite for any candle lover. Obviously, they don’t accept refunds or exchanges. Prices vary depending on your taste. Expect anywhere between 2 to 5 days for candles to arrive.


You CAN find jeans that fit. Interactive Custom Clothes makes it oh so easy! This site allows you to choose from pre-selected designs or gives you the freedom to create your own. The possibilities are endless and all tailored to your exact measurements. Low rise, boot cut, fitted, relaxed, 5th pocket, brass buttons and so on. From the fabric to the thread color, all decisions are yours. They can even make a copy of your favorite jeans for $100.


Nike, a pioneer in custom design, allows you to choose the colors of your favorite Nike brand and even add a personal id or symbol. Prices range from $55-175.

Customatix is another great site for personalized shoes. They don’t offer brand names but they do give you more leeway to be creative. Here you can pick from a wide selection of logos, colors and graphics to design your shoes. They also have footwear with University logos and colors for those who want to show off their College spirit. Sneakers cost between $70-100.

Cosmetics is an unbelievable site! Just answer a few questions regarding your features and craft your own lipstick color, eye shadow, lip liners and foundation. And if you’ve always wanted your own unique perfume, they can do that too. As for the prices, they’re comparable to retail stores: i.e. Lipsticks $15. If you are not completely satisfied, the company will keep trying at no extra cost.

What makes custom made products so appealing? Plain and simple…everyone likes to feel unique. Custom made products allow you to take part in the creative process and the end result is a product that represents your own individuality. How much will this quest for self-expression cost you? Generally 10-20% more than store items and it may take anywhere from a couple of days to weeks before products are delivered. But if you factor in the aggravation of finding a parking space at the mall, plus the time spent standing in line at the register, spending a few more bucks for a one-of-a-kind product that is delivered to your door may not be a bad investment after all.


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