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A Rose with Many Thorns

By: Laz Llanes

The concert cancellations, the blame games, and the fact that there’s a delay on the album are all attributed to one man: Axl Rose. Through the “disses” and praises, the “Hey Axl, f**k you!” and the “Hey Axl, hurry the f**k up and give us a new album man,” he’s still Axl Rose – the poster boy for the late eighties and early nineties.

Axl Rose (born William Bruce Rose), like all of us, had an ordinary life before the fame; a life he doesn’t brag about because of his painful childhood. From his father’s abandonment to his stepfather’s abuse, Axl suffered greatly (both emotionally and physically). Think about it; physical and emotional abuse. Aren’t those grounds to just flip out and become this walking, singing, and bitter little bottle of repressed emotions?

Looking past the recent flaws that Axle has developed and a few of the past ones, there’s this amazing flow of beauty. His music is a ventilation shaft that allows him to ease his problems and worries. In every song he sings, there is a love, hate, and sadness that he expresses. He’s been gone for years, yet his music still reflects the pain of his youth, adolescence, and adulthood. I’ve recently sampled a live version of a song (The Blues) from his upcoming CD (Chinese Democracy) and it promises to be a great CD. “The Blues”, is a most amazing song. It has a hard rock sound with a soft emotional voice that still packs an explosion waiting to happen. I look forward to this upcoming album, despite the delay and concert cancellations.

Simply stated, Axl Rose may have many flaws, but it’s a price to pay for his amazing talent and ability to bring tears to devoted fans with the simplest sound of his voice. He is truly a rose with its many thorns.


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