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Tinkle without the Sprinkle

Tinkle without the Sprinkle

By: Stacy Rosario

Women now have the best of both worlds. With this new FDA approved product, Uri-mate Protector, women’s trouble with urinating in unsanitary environments has diminished. Now we can do it just like men.

Uri-mate is an easy-to-use, disposable funnel made with a water resistant base to prevent leaks. Some like to compare it to those funnel water cups you get at bakeries, however, unlike Uri-mate, those cups aren’t FDA approved. There are different ways to get a hold of this funnel of fun. It can be ordered online from at a cost of $3.95 a box, or from a local Navarro and/or Flamingo Beauty Supply.

Although Uri-mate is not a way of competing for the male role, some girls and guys seem to have their opinions on this new spurt of equality. “This is great. Finally women can stop complaining about men only having to stand and pee, because now they can do it too,” said Alex Mollinedo, 18. “I always thought, if men could do it, why not women?” said Jimena Moreno, 17. “My question is answered, thanks to this innovative idea.”

Teenagers are thrilled to see this product on the shelf. They figured out other perks, like reducing the wait in lines, especially in clubs. The guys seem to be thrilled as well. “What a relief! Now I don’t have to wait as long to use the restroom in clubs (unisex restrooms),” said Rick Romero, 20. “They can go like we do, in and out.”

Caroline Lopez, 35, who just got out of the hospital from stomach surgery, is ecstatic that such a thing is out on the market, considering this will be a huge benefit. “My doctor told me it would be best not squat when using the bathroom, for that matter sit, with Uri-mate I don’t have to,” said Lopez. “It’s easy, comfortable and most of all, it’s safe. I have no complaints.”
Technology is definitely moving up, but it’s doubtful that you’ll see urinals in women’s restrooms anytime soon. Slowly but surely equality will take over, but let’s take one step at a time shall we.

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