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Airbrush Tanning “The Tropical Mist”

Airbrush Tanning “The Tropical Mist”

By: Erin Keene

So you want to get that natural looking tan, but you don’t have time to bake in the sun, and you’re afraid of becoming one of those sunless tan horror stories (streaky and orange). Don’t fear, the airbrush tan is here! Safe for your skin and splotch-free, this new tanning technique will have you living at the salon.

Step One: Exfoliate and Prepare
The morning of your tanning session, it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin in the shower/bath with a loofah sponge. It is also advised that you shave the night before, not the day of your tan. Remember not to put on any lotion and/or perfume and wear loose-fitting clothing and flip-flops. No socks or sneakers.
If you forget to wear your flip-flops, don’t worry, they provide them at the salon, as well as a bathrobe and disposable underwear.

Step Two: Your Tropical Mist Appointment
At your appointment, consult with the person applying your tan as to how dark you would like to be. They will recommend the right color for you, but you can certainly choose. After putting your belongings in a locker, you will be led into the tanning room. Stand on the towel and strip down to your disposable underwear. If you are uncomfortable being nude, you can bring an old bathing suit or bra/panties. (Keep in mind that if you do wear your own undergarments they will be stained brown for good.) Now hold your arms out to the side because the professional tanner will spray your entire body with an airbrush attached to a bottle of bronzer. In about a half an hour, your tan will literally be painted on!

Step Three: Dry Off
After the bronzer is applied, stay put. It takes 10-15 minutes to dry. For the next 6 hours you will not be able to bathe or swim. Wear clothes you don’t care about because during this time, the bronzer can still rub off onto your clothes. You will not see the full results immediately; your skin will continue to darken over the next 24 hours!

Step Four: Come back for another coat
Your tan should last about 4-6 days, depending on your skin type. You can lengthen the duration of the tan by coming in for more treatments, and over time you’ll have to come in less frequently.

Try it out for yourself and see if airbrushing is right for you.
Myra & Company at 7313 SW 59 Court
offers the service for $40.
Visit for more details
or call them at 305-661-2381305-661-2381

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