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Sheryl Crow: May 4th SunFest 2003

“Soaking Up the South Florida Sun”

By: Jeyme Colodne

“It’s hot out here!” exclaimed the forty-one year old singer/song writer as she took the Washington Mutual stage at SunFest 2003 in West Palm Beach.

From the minute Sheryl Crow stepped out, the crowd of elated fans, some of who had been there for several hours to secure a good spot, roared in appreciation. Dressed appropriately for a rock goddess, but not so ideally for the balmy weather, Crow sported tight black leather pants, a black t-shirt and a red and black leather jacket which she promptly took off after singing one of her new tracks entitled ‘Steve McQueen’ from her latest album C’mon, C’mon.

Backed by her band, guitarist/bassist Tim Smith, drummer Jim Bogios, keyboard player Mike Rowe and lead guitarist Peter Stroud, Crow entertained the crowd with an enthusiasm to rival Britney Spears. With a laid-back smile on her face and a swivel in her hips, she prompted the crowd to “shake your ass!” during her song ‘Winding Road.’

In her signature sultry voice, Crow belted out old favorites such as ‘All I Wanna Do’ and ‘Strong Enough’ from her debut album Tuesday Night Music Club, as well as new tracks such as ‘Soak Up the Sun.’ Although Kid Rock was not present, she performed their new duet song ‘Picture’ with guitarist Tim Smith lending his vocals to the rendition.

Crow took every opportunity to address the crowd, encouraging them to sing, clap and move, and the crowd was more than happy to oblige her. Crow has come a long way from Kennett, Missouri. From her first album in 1994, she established herself permanently on the Billboard charts. Many fans will tell you, her soulful lyrics and kickback personality are part of what make her alluring. Besides Tuesday Night Music Club, Crow went on to create Self Titled Album, The Globe Sessions, Sheryl Crow and Friends Live, and C’mon, C’mon.

Although well into her ninth year in the music business, Crow shows no signs of slowing down.

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