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The NuBra brings up some Nu-issues

By: Rebecca Schwartz

Don’t want silicone inside your body? Well, how about outside your body? The newest bra technology consists of reusable adhesive silicone bra cups. Oh, and might I mention…these adhesive cups are it. That’s right, there’s no straps or side extensions. If you want some extra “help” you can position the cups closer or farther away just like any push-up bra. Before you get too uncomfortable thinking about what is essentially a sticky bra, the company promises it’s “skin-friendly” and sweat proof.

The bra can be used again and again by just using good ol’ soap and water. Apparently, the adhesive comes back once the bra dries. If you’re getting all excited because you think your boyfriend will just love the new invisible look… think again. The NuBra is not recommended for nights of passion. Just think of ripping off a band-aid too quickly… ouch! Oh, and stay away from sharp objects, the bra is easily punctured! While the company does advertise the product’s flexibility, the bra isn’t recommended for dancing (apparently dancing involves too much movement).

So what is this NuBra good for? It’s good for strapless, low-cut, sheer, and backless outfits. Because Miamians tend to go for this look… it should be a hit. It sells for $60 and is available at Neiman Marcus stores, or on-line at

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