What Now???

What Now???

By: Daysi Calavia-Lopez

Have you ever felt so down and out that you were left with nothing but one thought: “what now?” You won’t be left feeling this way after listening to the 6 month-old emo-core band What Now. I saw them perform at a local show where all the other bands bored me to death and served as background music to people standing around socializing. But with one foot out the door, What Now took control of the stage.

They immediately became one with the crowd as the lead singer Manny began to belt out one of their self-written lyrics. Honestly, his vocals didn’t impress me much, yet the crowd seemed more than familiar with the song and the moshing that followed was beyond predictable. “I’m sorry. There’s something wrong with our system, that was terrible!” said a laughing Manny.

The ability to laugh at themselves and offer such a genuine apology to their audience made me take a liking to the guys more than anything else. Apology accepted, their second song literally rocked – it was as if raw music flowed from their veins into their instruments. Each of the members’ faces, which included David Rodriguez, 16, as rhythm guitarist, Manny, 17, on vocals and keyboard, Alec Dvornik, 15, as bass player, RC Rivero, 19, the lead guitarist and drummer Danny Guell, 17, had a smile and a couple downward drops of sweat.

The intense vibe of sudden energy and joy the band provided captured every soul present. “I think what gives them their special sound is the keyboard,” said Ydien Barrios, 16, who attended the show. Their last song was dedicated to a friend who their rhythm guitarist lost to drugs. The crowd reacted and mellowed out. “We take our music seriously and want it to mean something to stir people’s emotions, we feel as though we have no limits,” said David.

Naming their band What Now was Danny’s idea. “We want to leave anyone who listens to us thinking, ‘Wow, What Now‘ and that’s what we’re working for,” he said. In their short history together they have developed a loyal fan base, have 4 horseman records behind them and have been interviewed by Telemundo at a show in St. Steven’s Church.

“So what now?” I jokingly asked them. “Now we’ll keep on giving it our all and practicing three times a week,” one member said, and the rest agreed.

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