Customize your Wardrobe

Customize your Wardrobe

By: Daysi Calavia-Lopez

Sometimes it seems as if people have uniforms; everyone wears the same thing. Yeah, you’ll go to a mall and you’ll see a cute shirt, but as you walk out of the store you’ll see ten girls wearing it. Argh!!! You complain to yourself and think that you have no other alternative.

Think again. Custom made clothes and accessory items are a solution. However, originality may sometimes come at a high price. For $95.00 at, you can take a photograph that you really like and have it made into a belt buckle. You send your own art or a photograph to an address provided on the website. You can leave the photograph in its original form or have a designer modify it. The website offers a diverse selection of colors and belt styles. Before the belt is complete, the company sends a proof of the belt so you can approve it or voice any changes you want. The process takes 2-3 weeks from the time your picture was received.

For t-shirts, check out where you can custom make shirts by following three easy steps: 1.Select a design 2. Select a blank tee 3. Select the details. There are many designs available for only $9.00. Some designs include “Fonzy,” the character from the famous show Happy Days, or phrases such as, “I want to be a low rider,” “Skate America,” and even “Jesus is my homeboy!” You can also e-mail them with whatever you’d like your shirt to say. This website also includes vintage t-shirts for both guys and girls ranging from $16-$34.

At you can put your name on a t-shirt with one of their custom-made featured designs for $19.95 (adult size) and $13.95 (children’s size). You can also have “Photo shirts” made for the same prices, but you must upload the photo. The website also offers thousands of other shirts featuring various styles in different categories ranging from Christian to patriotic, bikers, pets, humor and more.

You can make similar custom made tees at T-shirts USA located in Dolphin Mall. It costs $6.99 for the plain shirt and 20 to 50 cents for lettering. In that store you and your significant other can even decide to engrave dog tags with each other’s names on them. Or make t-shirts that say “I love _____!”

If wearing a t-shirt that proclaims your love for someone or has that person’s face on it is too over the top for you, then you can design one with your best friends and let everyone know who the “Shorty” of the group is.

Custom made clothes not only alleviate the boring graphic t-shirts put out by corporate giants like Abercrombie & Fitch, they’re a way to communicate to others who you really are. They can show off your school pride or that you’re part of a fraternity or sorority. So the next time you are bored with the clothes you’ve seen everywhere and on everyone and you want to get creative by yourself or with a group of friends, you can think about making your own!

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