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Living Cheaper

Tips on how to live large without breaking the bank
By: Carmen Corea

With the economy as tense as it is, your dreams of fixing up your place or dorm room may seem to fade away every time you step into Ethan Allen or Pottery Barn and glimpse at their expensive prices. Have no fear because you won’t have to take anymore of mom’s styling tips. And you won’t have to spend a fortune for your place to look good.

Todd Oldham Lamp, Available at, $29.99

Famous designers Todd Oldham and Cynthia Rowley have agreed with Target to sell their exquisite home décor items at retail prices. Rowley, who has high-class stores located in New York and the East Hamptons, has teamed up with Ilene Rosenzweig, the deputy style editor of The New York Times, to form the Swell Collection.

At your local Target you’ll find that you can purchase great looking items for your bedroom. The Todd Oldham collection, mostly geared towards the outgoing guy, offers pieces that have a colorful, urban touch. His latest furniture designs use unconventional bright colors such as blue, dark green, and purple. Most items are low priced.
Rugs are priced under $20.

The Oldham collection offers a selection of lamps and light-upsigns that can transform your dull room into something resembling a South Beach bar or lounge. If you’re not into bright, crazy colors, then you can moveonto Target’s mellow home designer collections. Target also provides a tempting offer to those away at college…free shipping on select items.

Target isn’t the only one that offers generously priced home items. Giant discount retailer
Ross offers a load of items for the bargain hunter. You can finish accentuating your bedroom or place with an enormous selection of low priced home items. Lamps are sold at $6.99 to $29.99 in
almost any color and shape.

Night tables start at $29.99 to $39.99. Baskets to hold your magazines, make-up, or bathroom objects are sold from $3.00 and up.

Remember, vibrant colors are in this season. Most home designers are mixing colors such as

Todd Oldham rug, available at, $19.99

pink and orange for room furniture, perfect for us rebels who want to break away from mom’s tired antique French décor.

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