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Local Radiation

By: Holly Castillo

What makes Stephanie Morales and Emily Garcia stand out from the crowd of college students? They have their own radio show.

Emily, 19, and Stephanie, 20, the D.J.’s/hosts of F.I.U.’s Local Radiation 88.1 F.M., have three hours of fun, where they play local music (from all over Florida and of all genres) and get to interview bands and artists. Emily has been hosting the show for about a year and a half, (even before she graduated high school), and Stephanie has been on board for only nine months.

They had incredible interviews with bands like Day Music Died, Just For A Day, Scars of Life, Forelle and Deadstar Assembly. The popularity of Local Radiation is rising due to word of mouth and the fact that they are now online at doesn’t hurt either. Giveaways are a common and frequent segment of the show. The giveaways include concert and movie tickets, among other fun stuff.

Emily, a special education/Broadcast journalism major has been involved in the local music scene for about five years. “I really enjoy the show because I get to see different people’s views on music and what it means to them,” claims Emily. “I mean that is why I love music. It lets me express what I cannot with words…something like a melody or a lyric says something so perfectly.”

Stephanie, an architect major, has also indulged in the local music scene for about four or five years. “I’m a year ahead of Emily in school, so it’s really comforting knowing that after I graduate, the show will be in good hands for another year.”

“I love the fact you get to meet new people each week, get to see different personalities and in most cases become friends with these individuals,” boasted Emily. “We tend to have better conversation off-air, than on-air because bands get afraid of the mic at times.”

Local Radiation seems to be building up steam the longer it is on-the-air. The show had previous hosts, but was handed down because they all graduated. If Local Radiation keeps on truckin’ the way it is, they’re going to give Zeta Goes Local a run for their money. Catch Emily and Stephanie on their show, Local Radiation, every Sunday night from 6-9 p.m. on FIU’s radio station, 88.1 F.M.

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