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Britto’s Art Gallery

By: Julie Chazyn
It is all over flip-flops, on Absolut Vodka billboards, CD covers, and on almost anything that is new, bright and lively. Much like the newer art, this is modern and holds a kind of cute pop look to it, along with it’s perplexing shapes and the mix-matching colors. It’s the kind of thing you look at and smile, or simply appreciate, even if you don’t have a degree in Art History. It’s accessible, chic and easily fits in your everyday life. Covered by polka dots, stripes and hearts, the shapes created come to life with vigor and passion. This isn’t candy land, but simply Romero Britto’s Gallery.

Britto’s Gallery @ 800 Lincoln Rd  South Beach, Miami

If you’re looking to wake up your artistic spirit, or simply get away from the heat and chaos of South Beach, this place will breathe new life into you. Located on 800 Lincoln Road, Britto’s gallery will help you understand the SoBe crowd, as well as bring out the jolly person inside of you. Above being art, his work inspires creativity and pure happiness in those who see it. Britto allows you to enter a world within your own, a world where nature and people are portrayed with disproportionate parts covered by bright colors and a dream-like aura. Don’t be alarmed if you leave this place giggling, or with a few crazy ideas. Britto’s art can do that to you.

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