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By: Angela Marino

Okay, so maybe the Buzz Bake Sale 2003, held at West Palm Beach’s Sound Advice Amphitheater, wasn’t the best concert of the year, but it was definitely a memorable experience. The smaller bands of the concert were better than any of the ‘major’ bands.

Eve 6 put on a pretty weak performance on the main stage. We left early partly because they sucked, but mainly because we wanted a good spot for Something Corporate, who were playing on the side stage. We ended up on the steps on the side and still had a pretty good view. I was so glad we didn’t stay on the floor, because as soon as Something Corporate began playing, the crowd began moshing and girls were crowd-surfing like it was their job. Forget the concert; the fans were entertaining by themselves. Andrew McMahon, the lead singer/pianoman of Something Corporate, even stopped in the middle of a song to tell the crowd to chill out!

Something Corporate rocked. They played an awesome set with a lot of energy. I definitely have a lot more respect for this band after seeing them put on such a great show. Next was Jet on the main stage. We didn’t venture over to hear them play, but from the way they sounded, we didn’t miss much. Yellowcard was up after Jet, and they are one of the main reasons I wanted to go to the Bake Sale. And let me just say it was the best 30 minutes of the day! They rocked all those crazy crowd-surfers and moshers with some of their best songs, like “Way Away,” “Breathing,” and “Ocean Avenue.” Originating from Jacksonville, they put a good name to Florida rock.

After the sun set, it was absolutely freezing, but Less Than Jake, a ska-band from Florida, still managed to play a great set. And, again, the crowd went wild. It was so chaotic that they closed the side stage and moved the remaining bands to the main stage. One of the hosts from The Buzz 103.1, the radio station sponsoring the concert, came out and explained that this Bake Sale had a larger turnout than any other. There were just too many damn people!

Hoobastank put on a good show too. They played a couple of songs from their new CD, The Reason, but concentrated mainly on their older stuff. Fuel was the headliner of the event. Because it was so cold, the lawn was almost empty, and the people who stayed were drained of energy. They came on early because of all the rearranging due to the rowdy fans, but their performance was disappointing. That was unexpected because my friend saw them a few times in the past and said they were great live. Maybe it was the weather or maybe it was because of the schedule changes, but either way I expected more from them. We left in the middle of their set.

The 50-degree weather was the only major downfall of the whole event, but the Florida bands definitely rocked the most. The fans were almost more entertaining than the bands themselves. Girls were getting groped left and right as they crowd-surfed and guys seemed unnecessarily angry while they moshed.

The Buzz did a pretty decent job. They scheduled an eclectic mix of bands, each one possessing their own unique sound. My friends and I were definitely entertained. I’m looking forward to seeing who will be on the line-up for the Buzz Bake Sale 2004.

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