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NewsBites – May 2004


U.S. transfers power to Iraq on June 30th
Most agree the deadline should not be postponed for Iraqis to begin self-rule with a temporary government. This is one step in the process for the Iraqi elections in January 2005. and

Veal calves on drugs blocked by FDA
The FDA is cracking down on the meat industry after the USDA recently discovered a hormone-releasing implant in a Wisconsin calf. USDA officials revealed that up to 90% of U.S. veal calves are being fed synthetic testosterone. The meat industry claims that the hormones are harmless and that it is standard practice because hormones have been fed to calves for the past 30 years. The USDA is now blocking those veal calves with hormone implants from entering the food supply.

“Who gets this baby?” – Barbara Walters does Reality TV
What’s next? In ABC’s “Who gets this baby?” five desperate couples compete against each other for an unborn child. Barbara Walters hosts the show while Jessica, the baby’s mother, conducts an elimination round consisting of 30-minute interviews with the hopeful wannabe parents who try to convince Jessica that they’re the best couple for the baby.

Grades for sale at LSU
Over 500 students from Louisiana’s Southern University paid staff to alter their grades. A worker in the registrar’s office took money to change grades for former and current students. The scandal dates as far back as 1995 and the university’s chancellor says that some students could lose their degrees.

Downloading music ruled legal in Canada
In the midst of U.S court rulings that make file sharers federal criminals, a Canadian judge decided that sharing music online is legal. The judge’s ruling is a big and unexpected setback to the music industry’s international effort to end free and unauthorized downloading. Canada’s Recording Industry Association is expected to appeal their case.

Violence increasing in girls’ behavior
School police and officials report that more girls settle arguments with fists and are expelled from school for fighting. Experts attribute the trend to society, which has become more violent and less civil. Others still believe that breakdowns in family, church, community and school, which are thought to cause violence in males, have finally caught up to girls.

MTV Awards heads to Miami!
The 2004 MTV Video Music Awards will air live from Miami on August 29th. This is the first time in MTV’s 20-year history that the awards will be held in a city other than New York or Los Angeles!

*All news events published were accurate up until the time that OUTLOUD was published. For the latest updated information, refer to the links under each News Bite.

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