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A Perfect Circle

PerCirA Perfect Circle

Mizner Park, Friday May 21st

Reviewed by: Sarah Efronson

Burning Brides and A Perfect Circle invaded Mizner Park, Friday May 21 for a great concert. Burning Brides opened the concert and were well received. The band is an up and coming garage rock band with a new album entitles Leave No Ashes, due out June 8. One of the most popular songs they play is “Arctic Snow.”

Thirty minutes later APC came out and the crowd went crazy. Not only was the venue packed, but people also crowded outside to catch glimpses of the band. Maynard James Keenan on vocals made fun of the Mizner Park, finding it slightly commercial and screaming out at the crowd, “Welcome to the Mall.” Keenan made many jokes throughout the night, adding in his own opinions on the status quo when he stated, “Question Authority” and “Fuck George Bush.”

The band gave a great performance with Billy Howerdel on guitar, Josh Freese at the drums, Jeordie White on bass guitar and James Iha on guitar. Some fans complained that they were disappointed they could not make out Keenan’s face because he purposely had very little lighting on him. However, all the fans appreciated it when APC played “Judith,” “Pet” and APC’s new hit single from their Thirteenth Step Album, “The Outsider.”

APC played until the last minute, giving the audience everything they could. At the end of the show the fans were surprised when the band members switched instruments and invited the lead singer from Burning Brides to come on stage with APC to sing a rendition of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”, all while the stage crew broke down the set. A Perfect Circle gave A Perfect Concert for South Florida’s APC fans.

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