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Halloween Fright Films

By: Marcial Robiou
Ah yes, Halloween. The day we get together, sacrifice a mountain goat over a roaring flame and worship Satan. What? Uh oh. I said the loud part quiet and the quiet part loud. Ahem.

3 out of 4 Stars
Normally, a movie about old folks isn’t scary, well, maybe if ‘Gramps’ had a WW2 flashback and got hold of the plastic sporks. However, this creepier-than-a-night-at-Neverland film is about four old timers who get together every month to tell ghost stories. Before you break out the camera for this Kodak moment, there is something you must know. Although the stories are pretty good, there is one in particular that none of them share. It’s about the murder of a college girl some 50 years back. Why don’t they share it? Because it’s that damn scary and true. That’s right, the four geezers all played a part in her death and now she’s coming back for revenge. A spooky film even grampa can enjoy.
2 1/2 out of 4 Stars
H.P Lovecraft has written some of the most, let’s say, interesting and weird stories in literature. Filmmakers have a hell of a time trying to bring them to life, but this one actually does it well. Based on Herbert West, this is about a med student who delves off the deep end and begins to perform experiments in bringing the dead back to life. (There’s a scene where it works on a cat, pretty funny stuff.) The experiments start to get out of control and before long West is way in over his head. Gory fun.

3 1/2 out of 4 Stars
Damn, talk about a scary film. This one has it all. Creepy dead guy with rusty hook for a hand? Check. Attractive white girl with big breasts who can scream really, really loud while being chased around? Check. The twist to this tale of horror is that the main character in question is black. How many horror characters can you name that are as pimpy as Candyman? This could have gone the way of black exploitation like Blackula but manages to be serious and scary. Also, how many horror films take place in the projects? And no, Above the Rim doesn’t count. This movie was so good it spawned two sequels (please don’t watch those, they suck). This is one of the few movies made in the 90’s that actually is scary.

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