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Freshman life from Baltimore, Maryland’s Goucher College 

By Rebecca Schwartz

I am half way done with second semester, prime mid-term time. College has actually allowed me to feel less negative toward these stressful exams. No, not because I am some freak who loves tests, but because all the power lies with the professor. What I mean is, although some classes do have mid-terms, the administration has no say over it.

If the professor feels a mid-term is necessary, the class has one, and if not, they do not. All too often high school teachers would apologize for giving out a meaningless, but grueling exam because they “had to turn something into the AP’s office.” This prime testing time makes me more appreciative of college, and its freedoms. .

Along with the loosening of administrative ties come the eccentric college professors who would never make it past the second bell in high school. These are those typical professors you would expect to read about in a yellowed fiction book, or see being portrayed iin n some movie depicting the academic world.

They have been everywhere, have seen everything, and as a result, they know a heck of a lot. But even though they may know tons about the world, there is no guarantee you will always hear them speak about the subject matter you signed up for; these professors tend to be a tad absent- minded. Although it takes time, eventually Professor Bonzo’s method will unfold and in between the stories of his days living with the Indians, you will recognize some trace of the Sociology class you signed up for.

You will begin to pick up on his teaching cues and learn that his left hand moves slightly forward when he is saying something you should probably take notes on. These interesting people tend to have a lot to offer once you put aside their strange habits. My Cultural Anthropology teacher, for example, spent two years living in solitude in Africa. It is evident this man (although lacking some social skills), is not just teaching from the textbook. Instead, he is teaching in first person, and therefore really conveying the subject matter.

Along with some outlandish professors come some unique courses. This semester I am also taking Pilates. I have never before been mandated to exercise, and I really anticipate this popular method combining yoga and dance. Although Pilates is a class, I see it as essential winding down and relaxation time. I do not think enough college students (myself included) dedicate time to their well-being.

Oftentimes, when the workload, extracurricular activities, and social demands are on the rise, finding time for you is difficult. Even if it is just a walk around campus, or lying down and listening to your favorite CD, time to rejuvenate is essential to your peace of mind, and of course, your acceptance of all those eccentric professors that each and everyone of us are bound to encounter.

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