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Feng Shui your way into better vibes

By Rebecca Schwartz

As you get older, become more independent, and leave “the nest,” you have the freedom to decorate your space as you choose. With this freedom, however, comes the challenge of making your new home conducive to living and prospering. One way to achieve such harmony is with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui masters believe the flow of positive energy is based upon nature’s natural state— because shapes in nature are irregular, this energy flows in wavy lines. Therefore, straight, rigid, lines should be avoided when designing or building, as they are thought to kill positive energy.

Feng Shui originated in China thousands of years ago, and Americans have caught on and are eager to rid their space of negative vibes. Though this practice is certainly more complicated and scientific than many do-it-yourself books suggest, it cannot hurt to work on some positive vibes.

With the help of The Feng Shui Guide to Clearing Your Space by Anatonia Beattie, and Feng Shui by Angel Thompson, the following is a list of some quick ways to ensure your new crib becomes your safe haven, and a reflection of good things to come.

1. Make the space yours. Because you are probably moving into a space that has been inhabited before, you want to clear the air of past tenants. Try ringing a bell while imagining the vibrations of sound stirring up and then releasing the negative energy.

2. Be organized. Arrange your boxes according to the rooms or areas in your new space. Organizing your belongings will encourage you to begin this transition with positive intention.

3. Enhance your space with melody and harmony. Wind chimes are known to circulate and balance fast moving energy that may come from a long corridor (dorm hallway). Chimes, bells, or small fountains can also help create a healthy environment.

4. Each area of your personal space should have a purpose. Define these purposes and divide them into organized areas within your home. If an area will only be used once a year, you are wasting space and fostering clutter and negative vibes. With this planning, however, you are turning chaos into order, ensuring each area, like your life, is intentional.

5. Placement of Furniture. In order to ensure the positive energy is not being blocked, avoid overbearing furniture that takes up a lot of space or blocks the door.
Create space and room around the furniture to allow for the flow of energy by raising couches, beds, and chairs. Position the furniture so that while it is in use, you have a view of the entryway. A blocked entryway tends to create feelings of insecurity, as if things were going on behind your back. If you have no choice but to face away from an entryway, use a mirror to reflect the entryway.

If you find the subject matter intriguing, I recommend the Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Feng Shui by Stephanie Roberts. Just make sure you find a clean, clutter free bookshelf in your new home– you would not want any negative energy, would you?

For more information, you can visit, where you can become your own master of the art.

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