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Becca’s Blog – May 2005

Freshman life from Baltimore, Maryland’s Goucher College 

By Rebecca Schwartz

My freshman year is almost over. I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by, or how dramatically my life has changed. Just last year, getting up before the sun did, having five minutes between classes, and responding to my parents interrogations were all routine. What once seemed so ordinary is a distant blur, as deciding upon a major and seriously thinking about my career is now constantly on my mind.

One of my biggest concerns entering college was that I would lose touch with my high school friends. Although I do not talk to these friends on a daily basis, I am really happy to report that my best friends and I are still close. Even though we speak less frequently, our conversations are richer because we know we will not be seeing each other in school the next day.

This past week was Goucher’s highly anticipated annual formal. It is a black tie event, and considered a bigger deal than any high school prom. Although the event is really tailored to upperclassmen, because I am on the student government, I was actually given a ticket! The formal was a lot of fun, and extremely different from my senior prom, less than a year ago. Seniors were walking around with red bracelets allowing them two alcoholic beverages. It was extremely strange to be at a school-sponsored event with alcohol available. This dance was just one more reminder of how much everything has changed.       It is warming up, and yesterday it was actually in the 70’s! It was the first day in months that girls could actually wear skirts. In the afternoon, it seemed everyone was lying out on the grassy quad (in their bathing suits) trying to soak up the warm weather. Spring is really here and Summer is around the corner!

Perhaps it is the warm weather’s positive influence, but as I write this article and try to sum up my first year in college, the good times are much clearer than my struggles.

Yes, the road to independence can be rocky; and yes, sometimes I really, really miss my own bed, or hugging my parents. But at the same time, there are so many positives that outweigh the negatives. For example, I thoroughly enjoy the lack of curfew and the absence of constant parental questioning.

The admissions office is actively working to recruit as many prospective students as possible. Everyday, in several of my classes, it seems there are one or two anxious high-school students trying to determine if the school is the “right fit.”

I smile at their uneasy stares, trying to reassure them that everything really does work out, that we all really adjust, and eventually feel at home in our new environment, wherever that may be.

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