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Rent This!

By Marcial Robiou

With all the summer hoopla, why bother paying throughout the nose for one movie and popcorn when you know what’s going to happen anyway? Someone’s going to say “I’m too old for this sh%@” at least 10 times, there will be at least 35 explosions a minute and enough simulated sex to give Bob Dole a stiffie without his magic blue pill. So why not go to your local video store and rent some movies that are, you know, good?

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Akira Kurosawa is widely regarded as one of the best directors of all time and has inspired the likes of Coppola, Lucas, Spielberg and others. This is one of his most memorable movies and for good reason. Based on the short story “In the Grove,” the movie centers around three men trying to decide what really happened one fateful day in the woods. They agree that a rape and a murder took place, but how did it happen and who is guilty? As the rape victim, the rapist and the dead husband tell their differing versions of the event, director Kurosawa makes us question not only who is telling the truth, but why it is in human nature to lie and what happens to those that do. A very powerful film and even 60 years after it was made, still rings true today.

No actor can scare an audience as much as Robert Mitchum. Although he will be remembered for his chilling performance in the original Cape Fear, his portrayal of a twisted “preacher” ranks right up there. Here he plays Harry Powell, who learns that his cellmate Ben has hidden a lot of stolen money on his property. When Powell is released from jail, he convinces Ben’s widow into marrying him. Problem is Ben’s kids stand in the way of the money, so Powell begins to stalk them until the kids seek help and decide to fight back. Great date movie.

Known as the first X-rated movie to be nominated and win an Oscar (Best Picture, Director and Screenplay), Cowboy is a film that will stand the test of time. Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie’s dad) plays a Texan gigolo who goes to Manhattan to make some money. Along the way, he meets Rizzo, played by Dustin Hoffman, who is the butt of everyone’s jokes and rightly so. They form an unlikely friendship as Voight scores cash by, well, scoring, and he takes pity on Rizzo. Hoffman should have won the Oscar for Best Actor because his characterization of Ratzo Rizzo will make you cry.

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