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Deck the Dorm

The Moving Away Must-Haves

By Alejandra Serna

When going off to college, students tend to focus so much on the freedom of coming years that they forget what they are forced to leave behind. As a rule, dorm rooms are notoriously small and minimalist in contents. Students must be smart in their choice of items and make the best use of their space to retain the comforts of home.

Naturally, all students know that, when moving away, there are a few key items that you must take with you. Some include a television, video games, computer, etc. Although these are essential, they are also pretty bulky. Unfortunately, space is not something the average dorm room has to spare. Therefore, items dealing with savvy storage are a must.

For instance, like the dorm room itself, closets are generally tiny. To give you more room for clothing, use multi-tiered hangers, which allow you to stack clothes vertically, or closet doublers, which give you an entire second row of hanging space. You can also hook hanging shelves, commonly used for sweaters and shoes, to your closet like a hanger to free up space elsewhere. For all-purpose storage, plastic box drawers and wall shelves do wonders. Now, if the closet does not allow enough room for these, other great little tools are bed risers. These trashcan-looking plastic bins let you lift your bed a couple of inches off the ground to provide further storage space. For laundry, use a laundry pack; with built in shoulder straps, it makes hauling the load much easier. Lastly, hanging a dry erase board on the wall is a great idea; it allows for easy communication between roommates without loose papers.

In every room, the bed is the central piece, which illustrates the importance of comfort. The bed is what students seem to miss the most and dorm mattresses do not help the situation. Thankfully, adding a feathered mattress pad can turn the most uncomfortable mattress into cloud nine. The same soft ease is required for the seating area. For this reason, all college dorms should be equipped with beanbag chairs. They are moldable, so they fit into practically any space and adjust to any person.

Setting aside these must-have items, the choices are endless. Part of the fun of being a housing resident is the freedom that comes with it. Enjoy it! Use this time to fully express yourself and make your space truly yours. But, remember, square footage is limited, so use it wisely.

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