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Rent This!

By Marcial Robiou

It’s summer– so after everyone hits the beach and checks out the women in revealing attire hidden by the occasional hairy man, it’s time to hand over some hard-earned cash to the pimply-faced pants-wetting teen at the movie theater ticket booth for the next blockbuster bonanza. While youÕre eating away at your $10 Jumbo-Gantric popcorn and slurping your $8 Bunyan-sized soda, you have to remember that these actors didn’t start with these big summer movies. Here are some films this summer’s biggest stars have done that you might enjoy.

Christian Bale may be the Batman now, but he was a crazed serial killer in this 2000 film. Bale plays Patrick Bateman: the quintessential yuppie with his chiseled chin, good looks and expensive taste. That’s the joke here as we follow Patrick and his killing spree during the 1980s junk-bond boom. More of a social satire about the commercialism of the 80s than anything else, Bale gives an uninhibited performance as the dark and deadly Bateman. Want to know what really makes him scary? What other serial killer has a CD collection of Huey Lewis and the News?

Before he began fighting around the world, Crowe focused more on acting and turned out this gem of pure hatred. Here he plays a cold and vicious racist named Hando who leads a gang of skinheads in the land down under. They start to terrorize a group of Vietnamese immigrants until internal jealousy begins to pull the gang apart. This is a very raw, but honest flick about racism, humanity and the idiocy if youth – much like A Clockwork Orange, but with less satire and much more violence. Crowe, like most of the time, is great as the lead.

FOUR ROOMS       /
Robert Rodriguez is a very sought-after director and for good cause, especially after this year’s artistically beautiful Sin City and his upcoming kiddie-flick The Adventures of Shark-Boy and Lava Girl. Back in 1998 when he was just beginning to pick up steam, he, Tarantino and 2 other directors got together to make this film about Ted the Bellhop’s (played by Tim Roth) first night working at the Mon Signor Hotel. It’s New Year’s Eve and the old hotel has fallen on hard times. The first sketch about a coven of witches isn’t too good, but the sketch where he agrees to baby-sit a gangster’s troublesome kids is a riot. Rodriguez used Antonio Banderas as the gangster and this is where he got the idea for his Spy Kids franchise.

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