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Rent This!

By Marcial Robiou

All right, the summer vacation is almost over and you’re dreading another year of school at the hands of the insufferable mystery meat, algebra and one-eyed librarians with two wooden legs (maybe it was just my high school). Either way, here are some videos you can watch to cool down from the dog days of summer.

Known in pop culture more for being silly than anything, Cannonball is great fun. Burt Reynolds plays JJ, a red-blooded American redneck known as one of the best drivers in the world. A rich Sheik organizes an illegal car race across the country, and drivers all over the world join in for the prize. The movie was released during the heyday of car-racing movies, so don’t look for a plot or what the locals call “common sense” in this movie. With a shameless use of pretty girls in cat suits and a huge list of all-stars, including Terry Bradshaw, Jackie Chan and a slew of others, the comedic outtakes are weak but the car chases are damn good to watch. See how easily Burt plays an egotistical redneck and you’ll see why he was the clear choice for Boss Hogg in Dukes of Hazzard.

Director Wes Craven, of the Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises, made this 1991 horror film about a young boy who finds, well, just read the title of the movie. After a burglary in the house goes south, a young boy finds himself trapped in the house, and through the clichéd yet scary sequence of events he finds its horrible secrets. This movie has what every good horror film should: a young scared child in a hopeless situation, creepy-ass people in a big nasty house, and enough scares to wet the pants of the bravest of the lot. It’s not his best, but if his upcoming Red Eye starring Batman Begins Cillian Murphy (Dr. Crane) is as good as People, then you should definitely rent it and give it a try.

Let’s be honest people; are you really going to go see American Gigolo 2 this month? Did you even know they made such a movie? Either way, chances are it’s going to suck like a prostitute on 8th Street. If you like Schneider, but just not in crap, check out this second-rate college football movie where he plays the frustrated announcer for the Texas State University Fightin’ Armadillos. It’s a lot of stupid guy fun with Where Are they Now cast that includes Scott Bakula as the QB, Sinbad and Kathy Ireland, back in her prime SI swimsuit days. Too bad to be considered good, too good to be considered bad. Yeah, you read that right.

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