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Rent This!

By Marcial Robiou

In recent weeks, the youth of today are walking around with their heads drooped lower than usual, sometimes with tears in their eyes. My first thought was, well maybe today’s youth are affected by the war in Iraq or the insane price of gas. And then it hit me; school is in session! No one likes going back to school (except the seniors, they think they’re so big), so here are some movies to take your minds off of Mr. Hand’s boring history class.

Ah, the teenage years: filled with more awkward moments than any other phase in a person’s life. Countless movies have been made about it, but none as funny as this 1985 film. Starring a very young John Cusack, he plays Lane Meyer, an average teen dumped by his extremely shallow girlfriend for the captain of the ski team. The poor lad tries to kill himself, but ends up failing every time with hilarious results. He falls in love with another girl, but to win her heart he has to escape the wrath of an insane paperboy, his mom’s horrible cooking, and a disgusting neighbor–and beat the captain in a ski race. Quite possibly, the 2nd best teen movie of the 80s (nothing beats The Breakfast Club).

With his role as Jim’s dad in the American Pie trilogy, Eugene Levy has become one of Hollywood’s go-to-guys for comic relief. Here, he plays Herman Kane, an out of work attorney who quit the legal profession because he lost his nerve. Fellow SCTV friend John Candy is an ex-cop who was thrown off the force after being framed by his squad. They both begin to work for a security firm, but when the first warehouse they guard is broken into they suspect foul play, and find out their new employer isn’t completely honest.
Candy is hilarious as always and Levy does a good job in this underrated 80s film. In fact, see this before you see his new film, The Man, since his roles in both are identical.

Switching decades, this is a film about one of college students’ favorite pastimes; a bunch of friends packing themselves up in a beat-up car and tearin’ ass to the first place you stop when the car runs out of gas. Here, four friends go off on a trip to help one of their group save a lifelong romance when he learns that instead of sending her a romantic gift, he accidentally sent her a tape of him with another girl. Sean William Scott, Breckin Meyer and Tom Green round out a great 1st outing from director Todd Phillips (Old School).

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