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Vans’ Warped Tour

Vans’ Warped Tour 2005
Pompano Beach Amphitheater, August 6

By Leah Pritchett

Heat, insanity, sweat, yells of excitement and a hive of unique hair, fashion and music defined the 2005 Warped Tour.

The audience headed to the Bishop Stage, where Hawthorne Heights was the first band of the day to get the enthusiasm going and the blood pumping.

I was blown away by their performance, since I was expecting a more settled set. The crowd called for Fall Out Boy to perform as soon as Hawthorne was off, but at that moment it seemed impossible: Fall Out Boy bass player, Pete Wentz, had a problem with his tooth and Senses Fail had to switch sets with them.

“I woke up gagging so I needed to see a doctor. And Sundays, well, there really aren’t any doctors available here,” Wentz stated, laughing about what happened, before taking the stage later in the day.

My Chemical Romance gathered one of the biggest crowds of the day, smashing to their hit songs “I’m not Okay” and “Helena,” which created vast mosh pits and an overflow of fans bobbing their heads, all forgetting about the intense heat.

After their set, Frank Iero, My Chemical Romance’s guitarist, spoke openly about the leak of their new music video “The Ghost of You,” over the internet.

      “It’s like you paint this picture, and suddenly it’s ruined because you haven’t finished it and some way, someone has discovered your work of art,” Iero said sadly. “It hurts, but I guess the fans just can’t wait.”

He also spoke about the band’s shock at being nominated for four MTV VMAs. He said the band never thought MTV would be playing their music videos, let alone nominate them for four VMAs.

Fall Out Boy was in the same position. “We’re going to the VMAs this year–it’s kind of hilarious, because our friends joked about it last year,” Wentz said, smiling. “I think we are pretty much going to be seat fillers, but I still think it’s going to be exciting for us anyway.”

Soon after that, Fall Out Boy was ready to perform, but once they walked on stage, the clouds closed over the festival, bringing huge amounts of rain and a lighting bolt that struck someone in the crowd. The weather and resulting disorder led to the cancellation of the concert.

      Fall Out Boy pleaded for everyone to go home and be safe and the ambulance made its way through the crowd, encouraging and pleading for everyone to leave. The wet and now unhappy crowd was reluctant to leave, since the Transplants were unable to perform.

Besides the Bishop Stage and Main Stage, which had bands such as Motion City Soundtracks and The Offspring performing, there was also a collection of diverse Floridian rock bands trying to gather crowds. Not too many people appreciated their enthusiasm, however, and most opted for the main stages.

Chaos ruled early in the day as a few fanatical teenagers slid under the gates, cutting themselves just to get in and watch their favorite band play.

The unique and stylish diversity was one of the most marvelous parts of the entire show: watching people with mind-blowing hair and an outrageous sense of style was truly stimulating and brilliant.

Along with overpriced drinks and food, a lot of dehydration and expensive merchandise, miraculous bands and amazing music (just like previous Warped Tours), this year’s experience was much like the music it showcased: hard, thunderous and vicious–and made for an unforgettable memory.


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