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Rent This!

By Marcial Robiou
In the Mouth of Madness       
In this story, Sam Neil stars as a freelance fraud investigator who takes a job with a book publishing house when its star author suddenly disappears. The author, Sutter Cane, is a horror whiz and Neil thinks of this as just a marketing stunt, until he actually finds Cane. For the sake of not giving anything more away, let’s just say it¹s directed by horror meister John Carpenter (Halloween) and is one of the scariest and cleverest movies. Ever.

Evil Dead Trilogy       
You can’t single out one movie from this horror series. It follows the adventures of Ash, a reluctant hero who must battle the BOOK OF THE DEAD. Yes, it sounds stupid — and it is. But however cheesy it may seem, Bruce Campbell’s stellar performance as Ash and the innovation with which the trilogy was filmed is well worth it. Starting with Evil Dead (probably the only movie to have a girl being raped by a tree), to Evil Dead 2 and ending with Army of Darkness, this series of films is what led director Sam Raimi to fame and Bruce Campbell to B-movie infamy. A great film for everyone, and a true classic.

The Sentinel       
The 70’s are known by most scholars as the decade when Hollywood made a comeback with unbelievable dramas. However, some really good horror movies were also made, including the 1976 thriller about Alison Parker, a model who moves into a New York brownstone and the weird occurrences that happen there. But what really scares her is when she learns that she is the only tenant, except for the old priest in the attic who spends his day looking out the window. Filled with an exceptional cast, including Chris Sarandon, John Carradine, Ava Gardner and Burgess Meredith, this movie is a definite watch for Halloween.

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