Artist Review: Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu: Through the lens of Jaime Ferreyra

By Daysi Calavia

photo1   The sacred Incan site of Machu Picchu is explored by Peruvian artist Jaime Ferreyra through 30 images in the exhibit “Machu Picchu: The City of the Clouds” at Florida International University’s Graham Center Art Gallery.

“All the themes in the world are recycled. Everyone has talked about sex, love, hate and all of human emotions,” said Ferreyra. “It’s up to each person to find meaning in them and make them new and personal,” which is precisely what Ferreyra accomplishes through the series.

“I’ve been investigating inside myself. Drawing purpose from my surroundings,” said the artist who has spent the past decade traveling to South American countries, and photographing markets, streets and native social gatherings in an attempt to document the culture.

photo2“I am a lover of my culture, I want others to love it too,” said Ferreyra, whose major goal is the diffusion of Latin culture. Although he has completed series using color photography, Ferreyra is partial to black and white – believing that more can be achieved through this medium, since it leaves more to the viewer’s imagination.

Ferreyra used a Nikon 80, Cannon Elan 7 and a Pentax K 1000. The exhibit runs through December 3 before traveling to New York, Los Angeles and Denver galleries.

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