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My Chemical Romance takes Revolution

mcr1By Leah Pritchett

An army of fans in bleeding-blade shirts flanked the entrance of Fort Lauderdale club, Revolution on October 10 in anxious anticipation of performances by Alkaline Trio, Reggie Full Effect and headliners My Chemical Romance.

At 6 p.m., security guards in frayed, black polo shirts and ripped jeans slowly admitted the crowd, checking everything in sight. To fans’ dismay, no cameras or recording devices were permitted.

Reggie Full Effect opened the show with a hardcore sound that had fans huddling around the stage, focused on the humming of guitar waves and sensational vocals. But Alkaline Trio had huddlers swarming barricades when they came out with one amazing act.
mcr2“Mercy Me,” from their album titled Crimson was a total thump that night: everyone sang along to the tune. Some even hovered on top of the crowd for better views and closer proximity to ear exploding vibrations from the drums. “I got a pick! He gave me his pick,” yelled one lucky fan.

Sweaty and dehydrated fans waited impatiently for My Chemical Romance. Security guards provided water and picked up fans that fell on the ground. Once the curtains of their album cover, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge fell behind the drum set, the crowd became uncontrollable: shifting left to right, people colliding into one another other and falling to the ground. One girl almost stomped to death was taken away by ambulance before MCR began playing, her body horribly marked up. As soon as the commotion was attended to, singer Gerard Way yelled a welcome to the crowd and signaled the beginning of what fans had craved since 6 p.m.

mcr3MCR’s performance was extremely unexpected: completely satisfying, impressing the audience with songs off their old album, I brought you my bullets you brought me your love and Three cheers for sweet revenge. The guys seemed more than honored to sing their smash hit “Helena,” which was written for Gerard and guitarist Mikey Way’s grandmother.

To fans’ surprise they performed a cover of The Misfits’ “Astro Zombies,” slated to appear on Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland Soundtrack, which left everyone in complete awe.

The show ended with a new song “Shut Up and Play,” off an upcoming record and their song of teenage rebellion, “I’m Not Okay.” For their first headlining tour, I must say, I was blown away. MCR surely does have talent. 2005 was their breaking year and after all the hard work and dedication the guys have decided to take a year off to prepare for their new album, which we wait in anticipation for.

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