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Still Singing, Still Phair

Still singing, Still Phair 

at Revolution, October 6th

By Jennifer Lima

liz1    Liz Phair first came on the scene in summer of 1993 – a time when bold and fearless lyrics became a refreshing outlet for many of her fans. I stumbled upon her music late in the game with the hit single “Why Can’t I” off of the 2003 self-titled album. The song played constantly on stations like Y-100 and Power 96. Curious, I went online and looked up some of her other songs; and what I found was a song for every mood.

Blunt lyrics and raw attitude make her somewhat of a blonde Alanis Morisette. Yet under all the hostility can be seen fears, insecurities and pain – making her lyrics easy to relate to.

Phair kicked off her tour at the Fort Lauderdale nightclub Revolution Oct. 6 with a display of newfound and mellow beats from her latest album, “Somebody’s Miracle”. Matt Pond PA, an alternative rock band from Pennsylvania, played the opening act. She started off with an acoustic set accompanied by her lead guitarist and taking requests from the audience.

Throughout the concert Phair played her personal favorites from “Somebody’s Miracle” including “Everything to Me” and “Lazy Dreamer.” But as fans requested, she also gave them “6’1″ from her 1993 debut album Exile in Guyville and “Extraordinary” from her 2003 self titled album.

liz2A few special fans were given the opportunity to meet her that night and at other performances through her Meet and Greet event. Tickets were auctioned off weeks before the show with proceeds to benefit Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

The appeal of Phair’s music is best reflected through its diverse group of fans: teenage boys and girls, and forty-something year-old men and women all singing along to one single artist. Great music can and will withstand any given amount of time, and Phair’s is just that. Her show was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended.

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