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Chew your way to bigger boobs!

boobs1 Yes, you heard correctly. Bigger breasts may be just a piece of gum away, according to the Japanese company B2Up. The Bust-Up gum slowly releases chemicals found in the Southeast Asian plant Pueraria mirifica. The plant’s underground tubers contain a number of chemicals called Phytoestrogens, natural compounds that mimic the effects of the female sex hormone Oestrogen. The makers claim that when chewed three or four times a day, the gum may enhance the size, shape and tone of breasts, help improve circulation, reduce stress and fight aging.

Tests carried out by Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University found Pueraria mirifica therapy was able to enhance breast size by 80%.

Data provided by the manufacturer of B2UP said, a group of 50 women took Pueraria Mirifica over 90 days, the results:


  • 28% show no change in bust size,
  • 54% show measurable increase in bust size,
  • 18% show major increase in bust size.
  • 97% show improvement on hair and skin within four weeks.


Further tests carried out in England found that the plant had a beneficial effect on the skin and hair, as well as the breasts.

The rose flavored gum has proved so popular with Japanese women over the past year that there are plans to start selling it in convenience stores. Bottles containing 60 tablets are $35 and available

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