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Gift Buying Tips

gift11A Guide to Gift Buying 

By Alexandra Gordon

Holiday shopping is a major and often tedious undertaking — especially since we are young and unable to afford that Ferrari our boyfriends salivate over, or that must-have handbag girlfriends clamor for. From here on out there will be no more agony because I’m going to break it down and keep it in your price range.

Girls who have no idea what to by their men, pay attention. There are a few staples that never fail. First and foremost is the t-shirt because, let’s face it: our generation is obsessed with t-shirts. In fact, the t-shirt has become so personal that in many ways it’s an almost-identity for the wearer. A simple search for t-shirts on yields a plethora of style and price options ($17-$115), like the leopard pin-up tee by Butch (1) or Scooby Afro tee by Chunk (2).

Sneakers are the other no-brainer. Guys are wearing them with everything from surf shorts and jeans to suits. Sizes can be tricky and vary by brand, so check his shoes before you buy anything. Urban has a hot pair of plaid Vans in stock for $40 (3). For the staunch individual, allows you to design a customized pair for only $50. A personal favorite are the Adi speeds in green by Adidas

gift2(4), available from for only $49. is another great source for kicks, since they often stock styles that brand sites don’t carry.

Now on to the ladies – who are not so easy to please. Why, because with women a gift is never just a gift; rather, it is the defining symbol of a relationship whether men like it or not. With that in mind, I’ll try and point you in the right direction.
There are men who like jewelry, but girls should always remember that, unlike our jewelry, men’s should be simple. Try a braided leather bracelet with pewter beads for $65 from Also nice are their camp bracelets (5) for $25, which may be engraved for an additional $9-$11.

gift3Jewelry is always a winner, but not just anything. Think about your woman. Who is she? What matters to her? What is she made of? What you give her should say something about the way you look at her. If her rivers run deep look for something that speaks to her soul like a Transformation bracelet (6), available from for $40. All the stones and pendants used in this line have spiritual significance and purpose. Tomoko Igarashi’s Red Tiger’s Eye drop earrings (7), available from for $80, are sensual and romantic. But big danglers are in and she’ll steal the show in hammered ring earrings (8) for $75

A unique, artistic woman with a handbag fetish will love the Jessie Deluxe 2 Handle (9) by Loop for $32. Also from Loop are the De Pelos handbags (10) for $92, which are a bit sassier. A soft and sophisticated woman will want a Treesje pico clutch (11) for $207 from As for fragrances, CEO of discountperfumes4u.comLiza Norona recommends Lolita Lempicka, Goddess by Baby Phat and Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker for fun and flirty women. For sexy sirens she suggests Gucci Rush, Calvin Klein Euphoria and Michael Kors. Natural and earthy women deserve Prada, Burberry Brit, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, Shi by Alfred Sung and Issey Miyake.

gift4Shopping for significant others should be simple, although the stress that comes with finding something truly special makes it otherwise. Hopefully these tips will ease the pressure and put you on the right track.

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