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Laser Acupuncture

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By Rebecca Schwartz 
New, non-invasive acupuncture delivers therapeutic benefits minus discomfort

If you’re terrified of needles, but want to try acupuncture, there’s now a way to get the treatment without becoming a human pincushion. Laser acupuncture, the latest spin on the Chinese art, is the therapeutic application of laser lights over acupuncture points to increase energy flow, treat injuries and provide pain relief.

Acupuncture is based upon the Chinese belief that if our body’s pattern of energy flow becomes blocked, we suffer. Acupuncture needles (and lasers) unblock these channels at points on the skin that are connected to internal organs.

Acupuncturists treat patients with a laser light said to enhance metabolism, accelerate healing, and even help people quit smoking, raising their endorphin levels and significantly reducing cravings. This painless procedure has no side effects and is known to treat numerous other conditions such as acne, back pain, scars, herpes, irregular menstrual cycles and sports injuries.

According to Dr. Lissa Nerenberg, a physician at Oriental Medicine in Coral Gables, patients oftentimes receive a combination of laser and traditional acupuncture. Laser therapy has made acupuncture a more reasonable option for anyone afraid of needles, and children who often have trouble staying still (especially while being poked).

The length of a treatment depends on the patient’s condition. Generally speaking, the longer the patient has been suffering, the more treatment he/she will need. Dr. Nerenberg charges $80 per session, and sessions normally last an hour. The Food and Drug Administration approves laser therapy on joints, she added, but considers any other use experimental.

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