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Resolution for A New Year
By: Alexandra Gordon

At the end of every year, I am always inclined to seek a forecast of what the future holds. In the past I’ve done full astrological readings, based on the alignment of the planets at the exact moment of my birth, over the phone. Other times, I’ve simply gone to an online source and clicked on the yearly forecast for my sign. Each year, though, and regardless of my findings I am somehow contented by this act, as if it were part of a list of necessities: dentist appointment, check; service car, check; discover my future, check, check.

According to, I have nothing to worry about in 2006. Love and money will be plentiful and work will be fulfilling. Who could ask for a better prediction? A-game across the board. Yet, for some reason I am not satisfied. In fact, my fondness of predictions appears to be waning, and I am forced to ask myself why – to ask what was is missing next year.

What’s missing is everything in between: the problems I’ll encounter on my way to sustaining myself financially, the frustration I’ll undoubtedly face at work on my way to fulfillment, and the arguments and issues that inevitably surface in any relationship.

Is all this cynicism or realism? Perhaps a bit of both. Experience has shown us that nothing goes 100 percent smoothly all of the time, and maturity teaches us that predictions aren’t set in stone.

In light of this epiphany, or should I say realization, I resolve to avoid predictions in 2006. Rather, I will put to work in 2006 what I’ve learned and experienced in 2006, taking each day as it comes and for all it is worth. Granted, some days will suck and hurt like all hell, and other days will leave me feeling super human. The notion of building a forecast as I go is relieving, and a lot more mature than looking outside of myself and my own powers for the answers.

Let’s face it: life is not as easy as clicking on a link, even though that link is pretty appealing when it says that someone in your office has a crush on you. Life is a daily experiment, with no certain outcomes. As all of you ponder what 2006 has in store, think instead on what you have in store for 2006.

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