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MoCa: Doing BIG Things

By: Nadia Joseph

moca2The Museum of Contemporary Art has a new space opening in the Wynwood Arts and Entertainment District of Miami: MoCA at Goldman Warehouse located at 404 NW 26 Street. The building doubles that of MoCA’s Joan Lehman Building at 12,000 square feet to hold some 500 of their permanent work. Tony Goldman and Joey Goldman donated the art space to MOCA through 2009.


The new space will be christened by the large-scale, interactive installation Cloud City by Friends with You, comprised of Miami-based collaborative artists Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III. Meant to be like a big playground, Cloud City is destined to free the inner child and take viewers to a level of bliss using geometric forms and primary colors. Friends for You “take their influences from world religion, science and popular visual culture then reclaim their sources as their own.” The installation will go on at the Goldman Warehouse through January 29, 2006.


Big things are happening for MoCA Joan Lehman Building, ncluding two US premieres. The first is an exhibition by German artist Albert Oehlen, I Know Whom You Showed Last Summer – part reference to American popular culture and the horror film. “Although he has worked in a variety of mediums and styles, the abstract paintings are his primary interest as he believes they make the most concise statement about his rational approach to art.  In these paintings he sets up impossible situations that he ultimately resolves with great intelligence, humor and finesse, “ explains museum director Bonnie Clearwater. The exhibition features 30 of Oehlen’s canvasses from 1988-2003 and is on display through January 8, 2006.


moca1 The other US premiere is True North, an audiovisual film installation by British artist Isaac Julien. The film, the first in Julien’s trilogy on expedition histories, centers on the story of Matthew Henson, an African American explorer. Henson was the first person to reach the North Pole with explorer Robert E. Peary in 1909, but is rarely credited for his crucial involvement in the monumental expedition. The film’s dramatic Arctic landscape is projected on three large screens in a specially constructed screening room in the main gallery. True North and a related photographic series are showing through February 5, 2006.




MoCA is located at 770 NE 125th Street in North Miami. For more information visit

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