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NewsBites 2006


Western music banned in Iran.
New President of Iran, Mahmound Ahmadinejad, will enforce the October ruling by the Supreme Cultural Revolutionary Council to block western music and films from Iran’s radio and TV stations. Iran’s new president won a platform of ultraconservative concepts dating back to the revolution in 1979 and the Ayatollah Khomenini. The conductor of Tehran’s symphony orchestra quit and left Iran in protest but not before performing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony to packed audiences, which hasn’t been played since the 1979 revolution. (Da, Da, Da, Daaa’)

Iraq’s parliamentary election results not known for two more weeks.
The Iraqis voted on December 15th but the results are still unknown. An international team is investigating protests from the Sunni and Shiite groups that polls were corrupted and expect the final results in two weeks.

Bird Flu (H5N1) arrives in Turkey killing three children in same family
Turkey, Romania, Russia and Croatia all have birds testing positive of the H5N1 strain of the deadly bird flu. Most recently three children of the same family died of the bird flu in Turkey. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) these are the first cases outside China and Southeast Asia.

Ft. Lauderdale teen sneaks off to Iraq’s war zone. (Farris Hassan’s Day Off)
Pinecrest Academy student, Farris Hassan, on Dec. 11th ran off to Baghdad skipping school and not telling parents. Hassan’s parents are Iraqi so he didn’t look out of place in the Iraq. He was taking an “immersion journalism” class and wanted to experience what the Iraq’s were going through and the volatile elections were taking place on December 15th. After trying to cross the Iraq-Kuwait border and failing due to the extremely high security at this time, Hassan called his father who directed him to Beirut, Lebanon where they had relatives. He would wait here for his visa to enter Iraq arranged by his father. Needless to say the Associated Press in Baghdad was stunned when the teen walked into their office stating he was there to do research and humanitarian work. Hassan was returned in one piece to Miami International Airport last weekend of December.

Florida Supreme Court kills school voucher program
It was a 5-2 ruling where the court said no to vouchers that allow children to attend private schools and were paid by tax dollars. The court determined the vouchers undermined the pubic schools and violated the state constitution of a “uniform free public education”. Opponents to the vouchers said it violated the separation of church and state as dollars were going to religious schools. The voucher opponents included the teachers union, the Florida PTA, the NAACP and the League of Women Voters. The Governor is working to keep the vouchers but have them funded by through tax credits to Corporations.

Portable video players are “IT” for 2006
The race is on with dozens of devices and services enticing the viewers to go portable. Microsoft, Sony, Apple and Vongo are some of the players that will enable you to access TV and cable programming for download for a price. Network TV is running to cut deals with the device makers for “day old” programming. There are still questions as to whether you will be able to move your purchase from your PC to your portable player and the download time for movies. The big question is whether the Easter Bunny can infringe on Santa’s territory and deliver the goods in your basket this spring.

Narnia’s lion and witch overpower King Kong.
The results are in the movie with the biggest revenue take in 2006 is Narnia, according to the Nielson reports. Swinging in on a close limb is King Kong. Reports indicate that 2006 as been the worst revenue year for the movie industry since 2001 (for those of you losing brain cells, 2001 was the terrorist attacks on New York and D.C.)

*All news events published were accurate up until the time that OUTLOUD was published.
For the latest updated information, refer to the links under each NewsBite.

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