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23rd Miami International Film Festival

March 3rd- 12th

By: OUTLOUD Staff 


This year’s 117 films represent the international cinema from 31 countries.

       OUTLOUD’S picks:

       … Bob Marley & Friends – This joyous documentary puts the reggae master’s music front and center, featuring rare concert footage as well as outstanding performances of Marley compositions and reggae classics from some of today’s top artists, including Peter Tosh, Seal, Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers, Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill in celebration and in memory.

… The Refugee All Stars – victims of the brutal Sierra Leon war form a band and perform reggae-tinged in their safe-haven camp in Guinea. AFI 05 Best Doc.

… Purvis of Overtown – Purvis Young’s colorful, visionary paintings record the life and embody the spirit of Overtown.

… Solo Dios Sabe – A carefree coed in California encounters the earthy religion of Mexico and travels back to her native Brazil to confront her own mystical roots, all the while falling deeper in love with the man who initiated her journey. A romance, a road trip, and above all, a spiritual voyage of self-discovery. (Starring Diego Luna and Alice Braga).

… a/k/a Tommy Chong – amusing, observant documentary catches the stoner comedian using his brush with the DEA for fodder and reflection.

… C.R.A.Z.Y. – Charts the journey of a boy and his family that will be instantly recognizable to any adolescent who has ever felt out of step with the world… with a killer soundtrack (Bowie, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Patsy Cline). Winner of the Toronto Film Festival’s Audience Award 05.

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