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Bread graduates…

and becomes the main course!

By: Jessica Gonzalez

bread1 Traditionally bread at meals is considered a side offering while we wait for the entree; however, this not the case at Panera Bread.

This bakery-cafe has shifted bread into the main course. Panera Bread, located at 13617 South Dixie Highway, uses fresh ingredients and creative in-house recipes to create interesting blends for breads, soups, sandwiches and salads. Established in 1981, Panera was originally named Au Bon Pan. Panera moved to Miami recently and has since seen tremendous success. With 825 locations around the country, Panera’s trend of creative meals and excellent service is becoming very well known.

With an emphasis on the beauty of bread, Panera has a variety of over thirty types of delicious breads such as focaccia, Italian herb, honey wheat, tomato basil, pumpkin seed and asiago cheese. They even serve their soups in bread bowls. The breads are baked every night using original recipes and only un-bleached flour. Some of my favorite dishes in this chic restaurant include the French onion soup, the Tuscan chicken sandwich on rosemary and onion focaccia and the hand tossed Greek salad. The prices are just as tasty, with meals such as a soup, side order, and drink for only $5.01, including tax. Other deals include the You Pick Two Deal, where one can pick any half salad, half soup, or half sandwich combination, with most options under seven dollars.


With its bright colors and original style, Panera is great for any occasion. This bakery-cafe has conference style tables and free wireless connection, so it’s perfect for studying with pals or having a casual meeting. Inviting round tables make it great to just hang out with friends as well. With Valentine’s Day coming up, keep Panera on your to do list. This place makes a great first date! Its casual setting and delicious gourmet style entrees give you quality food and a relaxing setting, without the uncomfortable price. Tables for two are available for shy first daters as well as cozy booths for, perhaps, date #3…

A winner of 59 awards in 10 different categories, Panera is more of an experience than merely a meal. Their service is friendly and fast. Panera also offers a healthy alternative to the fast food joints that surround us. There are plenty of Low Carb options and fresh veggies on the menu to keep any one fit. Such healthy dishes include the classic low-fat chicken noodle soup, Garden Veggie sandwich on ciabatta bread, a variety of tasty salads and fruit cups and much more. Panera’s menu even has tips on how to eat healthier. Through original blends, and provoking presentations, Panera proves how tasty healthy can be!

As if this place couldn’t get any better, you can now eat with a clear conscience! Panera is one of a group of restaurants dedicated to eradicating unnecessary hunger. This restaurant gives back to its community by donating all left over breads nightly to a near by shelter along with gift certificates. Panera’s motto, “A loaf of bread in every arm!” is truly universal.

Definitely an original find, Panera is a great place to spend your next meal!

Panera Bread is located at 13617 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL. For more information, call 305-969-7018.

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