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Gen Art’s Ignite!

genart1Gen Art’s
Ignite! Miami

By: Jennifer Lima

      January 20, 2006
      SoHo Lounge
Miami Design District

After eight years and stops in numerous other metropolitan cities, Gen Art’s Ignite! visited Miami to showcase emerging artists, musicians, designers and photographers. On Friday, January 20, 2006, Gen Art and Beck’s presented Ignite! Miami at the Soho Lounge. The guest list included renowned fashion designer Karelle Levyand Adriana Farietta, the assistant director of Locust Project and Andrews Lorenzana, promoter of Spider Pussy. An eclectic crowd from age 21 to 41, came to experience art, music and dancing presented in one venue.


The event, spread out over three rooms and an outdoor lounge, featured the works from the various artists and designers. The night also included performances by local bands Jacuzzi Fuzz and Flirting Through Violence.

Musical performances were offered in the “main room” along with a fashion installation from Art of Shade that continued through the night. Models were dressed in pieces made from chair covers; they then walked around striking robotic poses to the sounds of DJ Chris Halo and DJ’s Johnny Strokes and Al B Rotten.


The “Comic Book Comes To Life” performance by Miuki Madelaire started in the main room and then made its way to the outdoor lounge. There they continued to dazzle us by bringing Gen Art’s own heroines to life as silky red fabric cascaded around the three women, giving the impression that they were actually in combat.

Artwork and photography from a variety of Miami artists covered the walls of the “art room”. The “film room,” a mini movie theatre complete with popcorn and candy, presented Gen Art’s “Shorts on Fire” by emerging filmmakers. This was and your favorite movie candy. Guests were offered the unusual experience of “Drive-in Movieoke” courtesy of Acura, where guests were permitted to sit in cars and be filmed in their own mock commercial!

And then there was Ryan “The Wheelbarrow” in the smoking room who was creating live art, which he calls Fashion Vandalism. It’s graffiti in a whole new form…because you’re literally wearing it.

The SoHo Lounge was a cauldron for the creative juices that swirled around, escalated and exploded into the crowd. And Miami ignited!


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