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Ghost Takes The Hard Rock Cafe

By: Jennifer Lima

  ghost1    On Saturday, January 14, 2006 Hollywood proved that Downtown and South Beach aren’t the only hot spots for Fashion. Pangaea and The Gryphon hosted an exclusive fashion show featuring a sneak peak at the Spring Collections from Ghost. Pangaea and The Gryphon, two of Hollywood’s hottest clubs located right in the middle of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, seemed to be the perfect place for the show to take place.ghost3

The fact that both clubs are connected to each other may be the only thing they have in common. Pangaea is filled with sheer fabrics hanging from the ceilings, a wall full of candles and various animal skulls and a patio filled with bamboo beds and drapes, while The Gryphon is surrounded by sheer walls giving the dance floor a glimpse of the tables behind them, red leather sofas and what look like glass vials hanging from the ceiling. Their differences are what make the connecting clubs two of the hottest party scenes in Hollywood, which sets the scene for Ghost’s new collection.

The collection included Ghosts’ classic fabric, a sheer and flowing fabric, mixed in with soft cottons in light shades of pink, green and yellow giving the signature style an edgier look, setting the style for the upcoming spring season.


The Spring Collection displayed an array of dresses, “spaghetti string” tops and Capri pants in vibrant colors fit for women of all ages. It seems that in this collection Ghost strayed from their classic white…but not completely. One of the white outfits was a knee length dress with a seductively low neckline. The dress was gently fitted at the top with one-inch straps and flowingly loose once it reached the knees.

Another unique piece, well actually two, that caught my eye were these two pink dresses both similar yet slightly different. One of the dresses is a “spaghetti string” knee length dress fitted softly to the female curves; the other is more of a sultry dress just above the knees with layers of stitching and beading. Both dresses are intricately embellished with darker pink beads in the shapes of exotic flowers, giving them a fun and flirty feel — perfect for a day at Lincoln Road or a night at The Gryphon.

Ghost, a line founded in 1984 by Tanya Sarne, is a style based solely on pure femininity. The line has a distinctive and strong identity that allows women to feel sexy while retaining their femininity. Their line of clothing fits to a woman’s natural curves instead of forcing her into the structure of the fabric.

Even though Ghost has been around since the 80’s, Saturday’s fashion show was their debut in Miami. As with most fashion shows it started relatively late, however once the models appeared on the runway all eyes were on them.

Maybe it was the fabulous clothing, the hip music, the dim lights or the beautiful models in action, whichever the crowd of 21 year old partygoers to the thirty-something executives took notice and gathered around the runway for the show.

Whether they came to catch a glimpse of the Ghost Spring Collection or just to enjoy the atmosphere and music at Pangaea and The Gryphon, which are already Hollywood’s hotspots, everyone surely got more than they bargained for Saturday night: an evening filled with music, clothes and cocktails that went into the early a.m. hours. What more could you ask for on a Saturday night?

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is located at 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL.

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