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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Secret
Get a head start

By: Anere Quindemil

       Each year the week before Valentine’s Day, I rack my brain trying to come up with the perfect gift and activity to do with my special Valentine. This Valentine’s I thought it’d be nice to help others come up with romantic memorable ideas to share with your special someone.

Now I know that all of you know Valentine’s Day isn’t for couples only. It’s a day to show your love for friends and family as well. Here are a few ideas I’ve discovered that are affordable and memorable for loved ones.

A friend of mine was short on money last Valentines and decided to get creative. She went to a craft shop and bought a wooden frame, two wooden hearts and two different colors of paint. Making a personalized photo frame is a great way to remind your special someone of a special day. You could get more creative with the frame by and adding a line from a favorite song down one side. This idea can work for many situations because you could put a picture on each of the hearts as well as in the frame. Think family/friends.


My best friend and I always joke about why we’re friends so one Valentine’s Day I bought a small 6 x 6 scrapbook. On the first page I put “100 reasons why you’re my best friend” and then I added pictures of us. Needless to say, she loved it! You could use this with a boyfriend, a friend, or even family!

Okay, now ideas of what you can do to celebrate throughout the day. One of my favorite ideas is a scavenger hunt. I know what you’re thinking…where would it be? What can I write in the clues? Is this going to be a hassle? It doesn’t have to be hard or impossible, just be creative. You can start the hunt with a note on their door or car, give a simple clue like a special place you both always meet. From there it’s all up to you, you can leave small gifts with clues under each one. Then at the end of the hunt you can be waiting with a picnic set up for the two of you.

The beauty of Valentine’s Day is that it doesn’t have to be store bought or materialistic things. You can drive to a quiet empty spot and play slow songs on your car radio while laying on a blanket starring at the stars, or watching the sun set. All that matters is that you’re with the person you love.

      Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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