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Cristina’s Corner

Cristina’s Corner

By: Cristina Jaramillo

      It’s been said that to make an impact all you need is a vision. OUTLOUD is certainly proof of that. When we started, no one thought we’d make it past our sixth issue. But then again no one recognized the drive and passion behind what makes OUTLOUD so unique. Originated by an aspiring high school writer, today OUTLOUD proudly celebrates its sixth year anniversary!

To say it has been easy would be a blatant lie. We’ve faced innumerable challenges throughout the years. Anything that could possibly go wrong, HAS. Computer crashing disasters, unreliable printing presses, shady distributors… the list goes on. But despite all the tribulations, we’ve always pushed forward fueled by our passion to create an outlet for young adults where we can develop our individual voices, showcase the talents of our peers and expose the issues that affect us all.

And we’ve had a great time doing it! Each year we have contributing writers from high schools and colleges not only in South Florida but throughout the nation submitting articles to OUTLOUD. During our jam sessions, where writers are invited to bounce writing project ideas off one another, we have developed lasting friendships. And best of all, we have had a forum to freely express ourselves, explore our many interests, and shout our thoughts out loud. Inspired by OUTLOUD many of our writers have continued on to pursue careers in journalism and communications.

I myself credit my experience at OUTLOUD for my decision to pursue graduate school in writing and publishing. I can still remember my first day as an intern back in 2001. I was awestruck by the colorful graffiti drawings in the office walls and bean bags that completed the office decor. The staff was in the middle of a photo shoot to launch the debut of OUTLOUD to the South Florida media community. The energy in the room was palpable and contagious. I remember seeing the vibrant expressions on the faces of both staff members and writers; the look of knowing that this was the beginning of something big.

It’s taken some time, but we’ve witnessed that OUTLOUD is destined for greatness. The newgazine has morphed into a multimedia concept encompassing print, internet, TV, and radio coming soon. These six years have been an amazing experience and we’re looking forward to the many challenges and triumphs to come. On behalf of all us from OUTLOUD we’d like to thank our readers, advertisers, and distributing partners for sharing our vision!

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