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Mind, Body Imagery

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What you think about… you bring about
By: Rebecca Schwartz

Your first day of college is tomorrow. You’ve picked out your outfit, set aside your cool bag and even finished the 7-day Crest White Strips pack. All you need is some beauty rest to top off your stunning appearance. You ignore millions of butterflies in your stomach and drift off into a restless slumber. You wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and WHAM; you have an embarrassingly huge zit parked on your forehead.

Two Heads --- Image by ©

      Are the swarming butterflies and your new forehead friend linked? It’s quite likely! Here’s how…

The mind and body are so strongly connected that “when we have an emotion it generates a feeling that turns into a physical sensation,” says Linda Mackenzie, Doctoral Clinical Hypnotherapist Candidate and published author, in her article, “Visualization Helps Foster Healing.”

The solution? Mind body imagery, a hip and healthy form of self-healing. Also known as visualization, this new age medicine combines imagery and suggestion to alter our thinking process and result in physical effects on our bodies.

The idea is that our thoughts and emotions are transformed into physical responses. Ever wondered why we get sick when we’re stressed? When we think and feel negatively, our body responds to the negative energy being transmitted. Similarly when we feel happy and upbeat our bodies are healthier and we feel in better shape.

Because our mind is very powerful it can be used to divert or ease many of our aliments. Visualization taps into that source and subsequently has been linked to reducing pain and stress, strengthening our immune system, and even recovering from surgery.

In her article,”Guided Imagery Helps Children Facing Surgery,” Serena Gordon, a Healthday reporter, writes that “Guided-imagery exercises attempt to distract a person who is feeling anxious or in pain by taking them to another time or place — at least in their imagination.” There are also numerous nature-based tapes and CDs designed to transport our minds to a state of relaxation and help put our hurting bodies at ease. Visualization uses positive imagery, which leads to positive emotions and therefore a positive bodily response.

In order to put these positives vibes to action and to optimize our mind’s incredible healing power, our mind needs to be detached from everyday stress and our body needs to be completely relaxed. Similar to meditation, our eyes should be closed as we work to imagine the healing taking place. Just as conventional western medicine, this new age technique will not work for everyone, but it’s also will not happen without time and patience.

Three women posing in three different yoga positions --- Image by ©

Three women posing in three different yoga positions — Image by © 

The following is a list Mackenzie includes in her article that may help us all with our own healing:

    • Think of or speak your intention out loud.


    • Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the healing process or as you want to be.


    • Watch as your body heals you.


    • Use creative imagery like seeing the cells in your body healing you; your immune system fighting off invaders; your pain being taken away.


In our fast paced lives, it can’t hurt to carve out time to generate positive energy and imagery and in the process heal and transport ourselves to a tranquil place… especially if it means clear skin, right?

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