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The Brazilian Girls Shock Studio A

bg1Downtown Miami | October 2nd

By: Ileana Morales

      Brazilian Girls are the cure for wallflowers.

With lead vocalist Sabina Sciubba’s sultry voice backed by the rest of the band’s blithe beats, Brazilian Girls had everyone at Studio A spellbound. On Saturday night, the club pulsed with a crowd that couldn’t resist letting the fusion of reggae and electronica take control of their bodies.

When fans heard the first hints of the band’s hit song “Pussy” playing, they dutifully sang along as if it were an anthem. The band members’ overall bohemian attitude, led by Sciubba’s eccentricity, created a lot of energy and enthused the crowd. Sciubba dominated the stage and had the audience under her complete control: they would shout out whatever she wanted them to.

bg2      Their sound was addictive and distinguished, most obviously by Sciubba’s lyrics, which jumped from English to French, German, Italian and Spanish. With breezy songs like “Don’t Stop” and “Sweatshop”, their music is tailored for a tropical hotspot like Miami, where one is never far from a beach.

To match their exotic sound, the band dressed up for the occasion. Bassist Jesse Murphy entertained in boxer briefs; Didi Gutman stood out with his larger than life dreadlocks as he played the keyboard next to drummer Aaron Johnston; and Sicubba, in her typical fashion, danced around on stage with her eyes covered and her hair tied over the top of her head.

Around midnight Sciubba walked off stage, leaving an audience that wasnët nearly ready for her to leave. Murphy urged the crowd to make enough noise to get Sciubba back on for another song.

People whistled, cheered, clapped and shouted.

She came back.

She mesmerized the crowd for a few more minutes with “Sirenes de la Fete,” a slower song to end their nonpareil performance–a reminder that Brazilian Girls is a band that should not just be heard, but experienced.

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