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Cristina’s Corner

Cristina’s Corner

Senior Editor’s Note

By: Cristina Jaramillo

       Thanks for checking out OUTLOUD. We realize that you’ve got a million options out there competing for your attention. That’s why OUTLOUD is committed to bringing you news, entertainment and fun articles highlighting information that’s important to you without the unnecessary bells and whistles.

Our April issue features articles on the latest HPV vaccine, unheard of college scholarships up for grabs and our signature slew of music reviews including Of Montreal live and the 2007 Taste of Chaos Tour. Making its debut this month is Sloane’s column “Scrambled,” giving you an unfiltered retrospective look at one college student’s experience.

We want to give a shout out to Kemy Joseph from the University of Miami for his really cool short film titled “Connected” appearing on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check it out. And just a reminder for all of you creative and talented types, OUTLOUD is a big supporter of local talent. So if you or someone you know is breaking ground and doing some really cool things, we want to know about it. Shoot us an email at

As always, let us know what you like about OUTLOUD, what you don’t and what you wish we’d do differently. Because without your feedback, we can’t make it happen.

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