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WebCandy XI

By: Vanessa Puig

Still need some time to kill at work or between classes? More wacky websites from someone who should probably step away from the keyboard. – There are two things we know about Glen Wexler: he is a seven-foot tall Scotsman with a peg leg and he loves cows. Okay, so maybe that first bit was an exaggeration from the foreword of his book (written by comedian Eric Idle), but Glen Wexler really does love cows. His book and website The Secret Life of Cows feature strange but imaginative photography that delves into what cows do when they’re not grazing. Discover the “udderly” fascinating details of our bovine friends’ lives, which are rich with alien abductions, espionage and rock and roll. – Are you a fan of Asian shows? Look no further thanCrunchy Roll. Think of it like YouTube, only this site provides a wealth of videos from Japan, Korea, China and other Asian countries. Watch your favorite anime or drama right here. – Maybe the first time you explored unconventional art was when you made a ketchup smiley face on your hamburger at the age of five. Oh, how the art world has progressed. Ketchup Art allows users to post photos of their latest ketchup creations. Log in and critique your fellow man’s work, which presently includes a bunny and a portrait of former Communist leader Mao Zedong. (Or better yet, send in your own work of art!) – In a galaxy far, far away, an evil overlord’s brother didn’t quite make it up to par. His name…Chad Vader. In an original series by Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda, we follow the life of Chad, who took a different route, sans Death Star, and became the day shift manager at a grocery store. – You may want to think twice before throwing your personals out. People who find odd tidbits – love notes, photos, strange ads, bills – can submit them to Found Magazine, which posts the discarded items and allows readers to get a quick glimpse into the life of someone else.

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