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WebCandy XII

By Vanessa Puig

Still need some time to kill at work or between classes? More wacky websites from someone who should probably step away from the keyboard. – Fun size? We don’t need no stinking fun size! At Pimp That Snack, people take their favorite candies and duplicate the recipe to be about ten times the size of the original. Check out the recipes and photos for giant Gumdrops, ostentatious Oreos and a mega-sized KitKat (molded using a wallpaper trough!) – Personalizing your cell phone with ringtones and wallpapers has just gotten easier. Not only can you download ringtones and images to your phone for free, but you can also create them. Myxer Tonesallows you to upload song files, edit them, share them and send them to your phone. Did I mention this was a free service? Only standard text messaging rates from your service provider apply. – What better way to make your mark on the world than with a pair of googly eyes? Team Wiggly fans move silently like ninjas, secretly slapping googly eyes on random objects and trying to make the world a funnier place to live in. “Wigglies” have been spotted on a pine cone in Austria, a postbox in London and the back of an airplane seat flying over Spain. – All he wanted was for his wife to earn a little money on the side to make ends meet. Now an anonymous blogger regrets ever making the suggestion on Hello Kitty Hell. His wife is now an avid collector and seller of the most obscure Hello Kitty items known to man. Got a hankerin’ for some snacks? Nuke them in your own Hello Kitty microwave. Feeling chilly? Hunker down with a Hello Kitty USB lap warmer. And if all this Hello Kitty is making you nauseous, never fear. You can order your own Hello Kitty barf bags. I’m not even kidding. – Not everyone speaks geek. Luckily, the staff at Life Hackerare willing to translate the latest in technology for the incredibly tech-inept. Handy articles spell out simple tools and tricks that readers can use to make life a little easier. Learn the top ten coolest cell phone tricks, how to make Microsoft Word less annoying and how to use an index card as a funnel to put fluid in your car’s transmission.

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