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green11Green gifting is the Next Big Thing.

By Erin Keene

Why? It’s so easy to execute, it’s cares for our environment, the cost is reasonable, the sender of such a gift is highly regarded, the recipient is touched, honored and loves the idea that his gift will make a lasting difference for years to come, plus it’s the gift you never have to return.

You can get all of the above for as little as $5.95 when you send a “Give-A-Tree” card from They offer a variety of gift cards for all occasions – birthdays, weddings, graduations and Mother’s Day. There is also a “Trees in Memory” card that honors the life of someone you cared about in a very special and lasting way.

Every card at tells the receiver a tree will be planted in their honor in a national forest that has been devastated by insects, disease and wildfires. Our national forests are in desperate need of replanting because of the numerous recent wildfires

The “Gift A Tree” card is the gift that keeps on giving.

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