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Get Sucked In: Twilight

twilight1By Megan Ondrizek

Watch out, Harry Potter. There’s a new fictional heartthrob in town. If you haven’t already heard all about handsome vampire Edward Cullen and his forbidden love for mortal Isabella (Bella) Swan, chances are you’ve been living in a bubble since Stephenie Meyer’s first novel, Twilight, was released in 2003.

And now with the theatrical release of Twilightquickly approaching on Nov. 21—mark your calendars, BlackBerries and iPhone alerts! You just can’t seem to get away from the mania that has become the Twilight series.

Even Harry Potter was affected by it: the sixth installment of the Harry Potter movies — Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince — was pushed back eight months from its initial release date of Nov. 19, while Twilight was pushed up from its previously scheduled December release by Summit Entertainment.

So here’s the gist of it: Bella moves to Forks, Wash., to live with her dad after her mom gets remarried. It’s a big change from sunny Phoenix, her previous hometown. In Forks she meets Edward, a stunningly gorgeous guy who acts strange whenever she’s around. The reason is because, although he is a “vegetarian” vampire, he is strongly attracted to the scent of Bella’s blood. Thus begins their forbidden love and the obstacles they face because of it.

This is definitely not your average vampire blood fest. Bella and Edward appeal to the reader as much as any other fictional couple in love. And with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (a.k.a. Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) in the lead roles, their on-screen chemistry will warm even the coldest of vampire’s hearts.

If you liked (or loved) Twilight, make sure to continue reading the Bella and Edward saga: New Moon,Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are all available at your nearest bookstore. The next movie installment is scheduled for 2010.

And if you haven’t already checked it out, log on to to learn more about Bella and the Cullens.

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