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Buzz Bake Sale 2008




Review and Photos by Kevin Allen

The holidays are just around the corner; it’s a time for family, friends and the 12th annual Buzz Bake Sale.

Since 1996, the first Saturday of December has been the day when every alternative music, loving, South Florida teen heads to West Palm Beach. This year’sBuzz Bake Sale was the epitome of what an all-day music fest should be; with performances byAnberlinReel Big FishHawthorne Heights,Avenged SevenfoldSalivaJack’s Mannequin and others.

With the doors opening at 10 a.m. and the first show at 11 a.m., concertgoers were able to pick and choose who they wanted to see and what they wanted to do. With three stages, you could mix and match the artists you want to see. The main stage was home to the more widely known bands, the second stage was the domain of bands that have been around awhile and have a strong following, and the third stage was for the local bands.

There was always a crowd at the second stage and it made a lot of sense. SpongePepperFlogging MollyAnberlinReel Big Fish,Skindred and Jack’s Mannequin were all crowd pleasers and gave shows worthy of a mosh pit more than half the time or at some instances a good few seconds of crowd surfing.

Over at the third stage, which looked like something from an elementary school auditorium, the local bands were able to show their stuff to a crowd of around 20 people. Something is better than nothing and judging from the fans there it didn’t matter who was on the other stages, this is where they wanted to be.Ghost of GloriaLeading the HeroesTransmit Now, and D_Composure all performed.

Hawthorne Heights

Hawthorne Heights

The main stage crowd was a bit more controlled than the second stage crowd. Alittle moshing took place in the lawn area, but other than that people just sat down, closed their eyes and sang along with artists such as The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,FlobotsSaving AbelAvenged Sevenfold,SalivaAtreyu, and Shinedown.

Among the bands to hit the main stage,Hawthorne Heights, after having finished a tour of their own a day before were excited about the Bake Sale. This was their second time at the fest. “It’s a great opportunity to perform today. We’re definitely thankful to have been brought back; there are a lot of great bands so it should be good show, said Micah Carli, guitarist of Hawthorne Heights.



When the sun set on the amphitheatre and Saliva took the main stage the heavier and louder rock music was of abundance throughout the rest of the night. Later bandsAvenged Sevenfold and Shinedownwere able to deafen the ears of many and end Buzz Bake Sale on a high note.

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