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City Girl… Small Town

Saying goodbye to the beautiful beaches, my grandmother’s homemade black beans and illegal Cubans screaming for their independence was possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I decided that this spring I would return to the state of Maine and continue fulfilling my BA in Journalism.

Leah, why the hell would you study in Maine?!

I moved to Maine last year to continue my relationship with an exboyfriend, which was the dumbest yet rewarding life-learning experience I could imagine. For the first time I was on my own. I was discovering my inner beauty, who I really was, as cliché as that may sound. Not only that, but I was learning how to grow with someone. I never knew what it was to wake up everyday to someone you love: to cherish their smile, laughter, and every achievement— you know all that love crap. And that was what scared me. For the first time, I thought about what my life would be like married, having children, a house, basically a domestic lifestyle in Maine with the ex. So I asked myself “what 18-year-old girl thinks about crap like that?” Well, that’s why I fleeted back to Miami, to run away from him and my feelings.

What I ended up finding was the urge to go back to Maine and give it a second chance. I didn’t realize how fake of a person I was, how so out of place I felt, how I was so maliciously driven by my greedy friends and Miami’s cheap social scene. I wanted a second chance to go back and fix my problems. And it was definitely a perk to leave non-English speaking professors at Miami Dade College!

So now, I am currently enrolled at the University of Maine, which is located in Orono. GO BLACK BEARS! I am two hours away from the ex and the old campus I went to when I first came: Farmington. (EW! The thought of that school and the pot smoking, dreadlock hippies make me gag!) I am also making crap money at the school’s newspaper as a copy editor. Two days a week I have to deal with the constant stares and chatter coming from the News Editor. She likes to complain about my low-cut shirts! I say, if you’ve got them – flaunt them baby, and I’ve got them: besides they’re long sleeve, so they are considered winter attire. Cut me some slack, I’m from Florida! Thankfully I get along with the head copy editor, Lisa. She enjoys making me tomato soup and red tea!

As for my roommate, Jesse, she is some nutcase (I’ll eventually tell you some stories). And that’s why I love her! She has introduced me to her childhood friends that, thankfully, live in the same dorm building as we do. We always do everything together, whether it’s walking each other to class or going out for a cigarette. I love my girls, Molly, Erin and Hannah! And even though they continually make fun about me not covering up enough, they have each individually offered me friendship to last a lifetime.

So as I wake up every morning to hear Jesse and Molly snoring away from a night’s work of writing essays and killing zombies on my 360, I finally feel at home. I walk my proud, ghettolicious tush in my Prada boots to take in the very cold, yet fresh air that belongs to the state of Maine. With one big smile, I pat my back because I’m finally back, doing things right this time. And of course, I look damn cuteeeee in my winter outfits!

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by Leah S. Pritchett


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